E.J. Hadaway History

E.J. Hadaway was established in 1919 when founder Jack Hadaway opened a blacksmith shop in North Melbourne servicing local companies with hot forged steel products.

As business prospered and the reputation of Hadaway products was recognised, the company built new larger premises and moved operations to Richmond in 1940.

In 2003 E.J. Hadaway moved to a larger, custom designed premises in Dandenong South, Victoria to allow for the continued growth and development of the company’s manufacturing operations.Almost 100 years on and the Hadaway family employs over 20 people and continues to be acknowledged for their ability to continually provide industries such as Mining, Rail, Water, Construction and Lifting with high quality forged metal products specific to their requirements.

With dedicated staff skilled in traditional and innovative forging methods and by utilising new machinery and technology, E.J. Hadaway is an industry leader in providing products that are designed to customer specifications and exceeds current industry standards.

We are committed to setting the standard for quality Hot Forged products and the manufacturing of custom fasteners.Our team pride themselves on providing local and national clients with exceptional product knowledge and customer service.We continue to review our processes and practices and implement new technology when available to improve our capabilities and services.E.J. Hadaway’s commitment is to provide the best lead times for custom made products in our industry.

Establishing Partnerships

Building a long term relationship with our customers is important and understanding their requirements has and will always be a priority.

We aim to ensure competitiveness and complete customer satisfaction and will actively pursue this outcome by working with customers to achieve this.Utilising advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, including custom product drawings by E.J. Hadaway’s in-house industrial designer. We are able to provide our customers with access to leading edge developments in bolts and engineering.

Quality, Safety and Environment


E.J.Hadaway operate a quality Management system to Australian and International Standards of ISO 9001:2008.  We pride ourselves on producing products to the highest standards which is monitored regularly by management.

AS/NZS/ISO   9001:2015  Cert No. AU1154   QAS International

At E.J.Hadaway we value our people and their safety is a priority as part of this we are continually reviewing and looking for best practices to ensure that E.J.Hadaway is a safer and more comfortable place to work. As part of this commitment, management and staff applies the principles of 5S management program to ensure our safety and production standards are maintained in all areas of the workplace.

E.J.Hadaway is a company which conducts all of its dealings with integrity, fully aware of its responsibilities to its staff the environment and our customers.  Our processes are reviewed regularly to ensure we meet the highest standards possible. 

What our Customers are saying about us

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