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Australian Bolt Manufacturer

Local Business

E.J. Hadaway is a proud supporter of Australian manufacturing. We choose Australian manufacturers and businesses wherever possible.

That’s because we are also an entirely Australian, privately-owned family business. Though we provide an international degree of innovation and excellence, our operations are wholly Australian.

Since 1919, we have grown by forming relationships with local customers and suppliers, while providing leading-edge engineering innovation. We were founded in North Melbourne, moved to Richmond in 1940 and are now located in Dandenong South, Victoria, so we truly are a home-grown business.

Through our years of operation, we have built relationships with many large and small Australian businesses, and consider ourselves a key player in the metalworking industry in Australia. Our mission is to use that influence to foster top-notch standards of production, safety and management.

Standard of Excellence

We are also an industry leader in safe management practices. Our products are compliant with all of the relevant Australian and international standards (ISO 9001-2008) as well as the 5S management program. Our mission is to set the standard for the quality of our hot-forged products, and for the manufacturing of our custom bolts and fasteners.

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