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Posted by in Markets and Services, on December 11, 2017

Crushing E.J. Hadaway have been supplying replacement parts to withstand the rigours of a mining or crushing site and understand the demands placed on companies when parts are needed for scheduled maintenance or a breakdown occurs. E.J. Hadaway has worked with large and small Australian mining companies, some for as long as fifty years, to […]

Hot Forging

Posted by in Blogs, on September 12, 2017

The forging technology has a respected place in the industrial sectors. Not only does it help build parts for complex mechanical functions but prevents the waste of excessive material as well. It is the shaping of metal. A malleable metal part, also referred to as blank, billet or work-piece, is molded into the

Made to Order Bolts

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Bolts are widely used fasteners. Whether it the building and construction industry, maintenance and handymen, electricians, mechanics or simply residential consumers, bolts an evident part of the physical processes involved.  They are such a common presence in our daily lives that you locate at least more than a couple just in

Special Fasteners

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Fasteners are a significant part of the industrial and construction sector. Widely used in multiple industries, there is a high demand for fasteners. Moreover, some companies and projects require specialized fasteners to meet certain mechanical requirements. Specialized fasteners come in many forms. They can be your simple nuts and bolt combinations or those

Upset Forging

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The process of upset forging, at one time, was only used for gathering and upsetting metal to form heads on the bolts. However, the machine used for this process has now been developed to do multiple other forgings. Also known as hot heading, the upset forging is a process that includes the increasing

Hot Bending

Posted by in Manufacturing Capability, on August 1, 2017

Hot Bending For many parts the required design is best achieved through heating and forming. In comparison to cold bending methods, induction bending (hot bending) can minimize deformation of the steel and distortion in the cross section, even when tight radius bends are required. The consistency and ability for uniformity & high quality in the […]


Posted by in Markets and Services, on July 3, 2017

Petrochemical How do you find manufacturers that produce high quality bolts and nuts to the right specifications for the Petrochemical industry? EJ Hadaway are able to supply hot forged, high tensile, stainless steel or galvanised products to suit E.J. Hadaway is also able to source and supply quality cold forged bolts and nuts from Europe […]

Lifting and Towing

Posted by in Markets and Services, on April 6, 2017

Lifting and Towing Eye bolts Swing bolt Swaged shackle bolt Eye bolts Eye bolts Eye bolts Mesh hook Eye hook Mooring ring / Lashing ring Release lever Bag hanger hook Swing bolt Liner anchor frame hook bolt Hook bolt Conveyer hook belt U – bolt Split link Swaged eye bolt Rail hook The strong tensile […]


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Marine The highly corrosive nature of the sea means that any chains, rings or bolts that are used underwater need to be made of the high quality materials without flaws or faults. If you’re a diving or fishing tour company, or in the business of constructing and maintaining piers, docks or marinas then you’ll often […]

Refrigeration and Cool Rooms

Posted by in Markets and Services, on April 6, 2017

Refrigeration and Cool Rooms Locator-female Door Guide Roller assembly Sliding wheel Carrying bracket Tube handle bracket Wheel pulley Cone locator Locking Barrel Track bolt Eccentric Axle Double Bogey Assembly Top wheel carrying bracket Door guide Cam Rising Pin Good, sturdy cool room accessories are a must for the meat supply industry. If you’re running a […]

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