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Hot Bending

Posted by in Blogs, on February 28, 2018

Hot bending, or induction bending, is a means of shaping metal, introducing curves, semi-circular and bent shapes. It involves power running through the coil, heating the metal. When the bend points on the work piece are hot enough, pressure is applied, often via hydraulic ram.

Australian Bolt Manufacturer

Posted by in Blogs, on January 29, 2018

E.J. Hadaway is a proud supporter of Australian manufacturing. We choose Australian manufacturers and businesses wherever possible. That’s because we are also an entirely Australian, privately-owned family business. Though we provide an international degree of innovation and excellence, our operations are wholly Australian.

Open-die Forging

Posted by in Blogs, on January 29, 2018

Also known as “smith forging” or “hand forging”, this forging technique is the one perennially associated with blacksmiths. If you’re imagining someone hammering a hot piece of metal on an anvil, that’s what this is. Except the die doesn’t have to be a flat anvil; it can be rounded, or concave, or it can be a tool to form a certain shape. And this process isn’t limited to pieces of a certain size; open-die forges can be enormous.

Custom Metal Bolts

Posted by in Blogs, on January 29, 2018

We supply both standard and custom (non-standard) bolts to small and large-scale businesses in Australia. At E.J. Hadaway, custom metalwork is in our blood. We have been supplying custom fasteners since we were first established in 1919. We are known for our quality parts, stress-free purchasing process and consistently fast lead times.

Laws of Metal Forging

Posted by in Blogs, on January 29, 2018

Forging is the process of heating and shaping metal into specific shapes. “Hot Forging” is when heated metal is compressed and shaped using a hammer or die. E.J. Hadaway specializes in a few hot forging techniques, described below.

Hot Forging

Posted by in Blogs, on September 12, 2017

The forging technology has a respected place in the industrial sectors. Not only does it help build parts for complex mechanical functions but prevents the waste of excessive material as well. It is the shaping of metal. A malleable metal part, also referred to as blank, billet or work-piece, is molded into the required shape using multiple processes. These include hammering, upsetting, pressing, rolling, and more.

Made to Order Bolts

Posted by in Blogs, on September 12, 2017

Bolts are widely used fasteners. Whether it the building and construction industry, maintenance and handymen, electricians, mechanics or simply residential consumers, bolts an evident part of the physical processes involved.  They are such a common presence in our daily lives that you locate at least more than a couple just in your immediate environment.

Special Fasteners

Posted by in Blogs, on September 12, 2017

Fasteners are a significant part of the industrial and construction sector. Widely used in multiple industries, there is a high demand for fasteners. Moreover, some companies and projects require special fasteners to meet certain mechanical requirements.

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