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  1. Foot anchors
  2. Couter sunk nib bolt
  3. Low HD SQ bolt
  4. Counter sunk screw
  5. SHCS cut THD
  6. SQ HD bolt
  7. Stud
  8. Unbrake T-bolt
  9. Round head breaker bolt
  10. Galv hex bolt
  11. Counter sunk socket head screw
  12. SHCS rolled THD
  13. Spring cup
  14. Hex machined bolt
  15. Castle nut
  16. Double end foot anchor
  17. Nib bolt
  18. Low HD bolt
  19. SQ HD step bolt
  20. All thread
  21. Channel T-bolt
  22. Taper head bolt
  23. SQ HD 316 SS bolt
  24. Forged component
  25. Buz bar T-bolt
  26. Machined SQ HD bolt
  27. Flanged head bolt
  28. Socket head cap screw
  29. Oval head T-bolt
  30. Flat counter sunk bolt
  31. Round head bolt
  32. Hex head coach screw

Speed is vital in the construction industry and the last thing you need is for a lack of parts to hold up a build. The hex bolts, double-ended studs, anchor and roofing bolts you require can be manufactured to order in our factory to just about any size, length or specification..

Our custom bolts are made from high tensile materials or stainless steel and can be finished with a range of treatments and platings, including zinc plating (clear/ gold), blackening, PTFE coating, hot dipped galvanising, mechanical galvanising, e -coat.

Quick turnaround times and short runs are our speciality, as we understand how important these are to getting your build off the ground.

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