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Custom Metal Bolts

We supply both standard and custom (non-standard) bolts to small and large-scale businesses in Australia. We serve industries including:

– Mining& petrochemical

– Agricultural

– Construction

– Power generation

– Water services

– Transport (including railway)

– Wrought iron

– Marine

At E.J. Hadaway, custom metalwork is in our blood. We have been supplying custom fasteners since we were first established in 1919. We are known for our quality parts, stress-free purchasing process and consistently fast lead times.

Did You Know?

A drawing isn’t always necessary – we can often take the custom specifications from a physical sample and produce it at scale. In addition to custom bolts, we can also produce non-standard nuts, washersand screws. Bolt Types:

– Clevis

– Counter-Sunk

– Eye

– Lag

– Liner

– Nib

– Plow

– Rivet

– 12-point

– Cup Head

– U-bolt

– Socket Head

– Swing

– T-bolt

– Coach

– Fish

– Hex & Hex Set

– Hook

– Square

Each of these can be customized in terms of:

– Size (length & diameter)

– Head type (binding, hexagon, pentagon, Phillips, round, square shoulder etc)

– Thread type (ACME, wood, drywall, UNC, UNF etc)

– Drive type(hex, Phillips, socket, square, etc)

– Finishes (zinc clear/gold, chrome-plated, blue PTFE, black oxide, pickle & passivation)

– Coating (mechanical galvanised, electroplating, hot dipped galvanizing, PTFE)

– Industry standard (DIN & ISO)

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