Posted by in Industry and Application, on April 6, 2017


  1. Tent peg wacker
  2. M24 tent peg x450/600/900 STD
  3. Tent peg puller
  4. Floor support adjuster
  5. Column cap
  6. Leg insert
  7. Base plate pin
  8. Small tent peg
  9. Med tent peg
  10. Floor adjuster
  11. Perlin hooked bracket
  12. M14 pin
  13. Sadel
  14. Base plate

Hiring out tents and marquees to the public and events companies can mean parts can go missing or need replacing. If you find yourself brought up short upon the return of a marquee or in need of special sizes for a special event, we can manufacture Marquee pegs, brackets and wackers attachments to your specifications with a short turnaround time.

Unique or uncommon items aren’t a problem as our industrial designers can recreate what you need based on a sample. We’ve worked with many marquee companies, party hire companies and circuses over the years to keep the (canvas) roofs over everyone’s heads.

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