Posted by in Blogs, on February 28, 2018

Hot Bending

Hot bending, or induction bending, is a means of shaping metal, introducing curves, semi-circular and bent shapes. It involves power running through the coil, heating the metal. When the bend points on the work piece are hot enough, pressure is applied, often via hydraulic ram. The piece will only bend at the heated locations, but it can be moved through the coil, a bit at a time, so one section in turn is heated and bent. Hot bending is an incredibly efficient process; the heated parts are directed only where and when they are needed.

Achieving a Tight Radius

Introducing a tight radius (sharp curve) into metal is a tricky business; the metal always wants to deform when it’s being bent. Hot bending is the ideal technique for achieving a tight radius, as the material bends more easily under heat.

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