Posted by in Industry and Application, on April 6, 2017

Lifting and Towing

  1. Eye bolts
  2. Swing bolt
  3. Swaged shackle bolt
  4. 75mm Towing Eye 3 Tonne
  5. Eye bolts
  6. Power Pole Eye Bolt
  7. Mesh hook
  8. Eye hook
  9. Mooring ring / Lashing ring
  10. Release lever
  11. Bag hanger hook
  12. Swing bolt
  13. Liner anchor frame hook bolt
  14. Hook bolt
  15. Conveyer hook belt
  16. U – bolt
  17. Split link
  18. Swaged eye bolt
  19. Rail hook

The strong tensile strength required to lift heavy supplies and tow military and recreational equipment means any hooks and bolts you use should be hot forged for the best results. The diversity of lifting and towing needs also means that many custom sizes and shapes are required.

We forge a large range of metal hooks for cranes and other construction equipment, as well as eye bolts, swing bolts, hooks, mooring rings, lashing rings, mesh hooks and j-bolts for conveyor systems, and towing eyes for military and other heavy-vehicle uses. Talk to us about your towing and lifting needs and we can forge the exact item you need for your construction site, warehouse or fleet of vehicles.

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