Posted by in Industry and Application, on April 6, 2017

Refrigeration and Cool Rooms

  1. Locator-female
  2. Door Guide Roller assembly
  3. Sliding wheel Carrying bracket
  4. Tube handle bracket
  5. Wheel pulley
  6. Cone locator
  7. Locking Barrel
  8. Track bolt
  9. Eccentric Axle
  10. Double Bogey Assembly
  11. Top wheel carrying bracket
  12. Door guide
  13. Cam Rising Pin

Good, sturdy cool room accessories are a must for the meat supply industry. If you’re running a meat processing plant, abattoir or butcher business then your meat hooks, brackets, rollers and door handles will need to be of the highest quality.

Made of high quality stainless steel, all our steel hooks and other refrigeration and cool room equipment are of the high standard required by the hospitality and food trade industries, and can be made to order in sizes and runs to suit your needs.

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