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Special Fasteners

Fasteners are a significant part of the industrial and construction sector. Widely used in multiple industries, there is a high demand for fasteners. Moreover, some companies and projects require special fasteners to meet certain mechanical requirements.

Special fasteners come in many forms. They can be your simple nuts and bolt combinations or those used in complex industrial projects like foundation bold for large diameters and lengths. The requirement is quite evident in the mining and automotive industries as well.

Some industrial projects required customized fasteners. This could include specific requirements like non-standard dimensions or materials used for manufacturing.

EJ Hadaway is an Australian manufacturer of special fasteners. We provide quality products to multiple industries. Shipping is handled with ultimate precision and delivery times are never compromised. EJ Hadaway is an experienced fasteners manufacture; aiming to provide not only superior quality to clients but meeting the social responsibility of saving the environment as well.

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