Posted by in Industry and Application, on April 6, 2017

Water Services

  1. Sluice valve key
  2. 665 valve key
  3. Gate valve key
  4. Ferrule key
  5. Valve wheel cheater
  6. Sluice valve key handle
  7. Ferrule key ext
  8. Small Valve Wheel Cheater
  9. Slit trap
  10. Valve cap lifter
  11. Valve ext spindle AS
  12. Valve ext spindle AS
  13. Valve ext spindle WA
Due to the nature of working in water services you’ll find you’re constantly in need of new sluice valve keys, valve extension spindles and gate valve keys. It’s also in the nature of valves to be placed underground at varying and non-standard depths.As well as keeping a range of Australian standard depth valve extensions keys in stock, we’re able to forge them and other water service equipment to the size and length you require, and in short runs. All our water service stock is made from galvanised and rust-proof steel, however can be manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel if required.We also fabricate man-hole lifters, lifters and other related items. As the industry changes, we change with it, and can adapt to your new and developing requirements.

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