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Forged Products for the Event Hire Industry

In the event hire industry, ensuring that your tents and marquees are in top condition is crucial. At E.J. Hadaway, we understand the challenges of this industry and offer reliable solutions for replacing or manufacturing parts to keep your events running smoothly.

If you encounter missing or damaged parts when tents and marquees are returned, we can help. Our expertise extends to manufacturing high-quality marquee pegs, brackets, and wacker attachments according to your specifications. With our efficient production process, we can provide quick turnaround times to meet your urgent needs.

Even if you require unique or uncommon items, our talented industrial designers can recreate them based on a sample. We have collaborated with numerous marquee companies, party hire companies, and circuses, ensuring that their tents have the necessary components for successful events.

Whether you need standard parts or custom-made solutions, E.J. Hadaway is your trusted partner in the event hire industry. Explore our product range or contact us to discuss your requirements on (03) 9706 6102 or submit an online enquiry.


Marquee Peg


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