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Specialists in Metal Heat Treatment

Metal heat treatment is a crucial process employed to achieve the desired hardness and grade for steel components. Depending on the specific application and material requirements, heat treatment may be necessary to attain the necessary grade for the final product.

At E.J. Hadaway, we offer comprehensive heat treatment services as part of our manufacturing process. Whether you require bolts or fasteners, we can provide heat treatment tailored to meet your specific grade specifications. Rest assured, our heat treatment process is meticulously executed, and we can furnish certification to validate the treatment procedure.

We offer a range of grades to accommodate various needs, including PC 5.8, PC 8.8, PC 10.9, PC 12.9, G5, and G8. These grades ensure the desired hardness and mechanical properties for your steel components, enabling them to perform optimally in their intended applications.

Choose E.J. Hadaway for superior heat treatment solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Explore our product range or contact us to discuss your requirements on (03) 9706 6102 or submit an online enquiry.




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