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Forged Products for the Rail Industry

In the rail industry, reliable and high-quality parts are essential for train manufacturing, maintenance, and track infrastructure. E.J. Hadaway is a trusted supplier, offering a wide range of products specifically designed for the rail sector. From chair bolts and fish bolts to wrenches and other specialised items, we provide the components needed to ensure the smooth operation of trains and railway systems.

Our expertise extends beyond modern rail equipment. We have also collaborated with various rail museums, supporting their restoration projects by supplying custom rivets for steam engines and other historic pieces. Our commitment to preserving the heritage of the rail industry is evident in our attention to detail and dedication to providing authentic and accurate components.

As a preferred supplier in the rail industry, E.J. Hadaway understands the importance of precision, durability, and adherence to industry standards. Our products are meticulously manufactured using high-quality materials to meet the rigorous demands of the rail environment. We take pride in our ability to deliver reliable and long-lasting parts that contribute to the safe and efficient operation of trains and railways.

Trust E.J. Hadaway as your reliable partner in the rail industry. Explore our product range or contact us to discuss your requirements on (03) 9706 6102 or submit an online enquiry.


Hex Bolt
Chair Bolt
Claw Bar
Dog Spike
Heel Bolt
Pig Foot
Pin Mark- P
Fish Plates


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