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Forged Products for the Marine Industry

When it comes to the marine industry, the harsh and corrosive conditions of the sea demand the use of high-quality, flawless components. Whether you’re operating a diving or fishing tour company or involved in the construction and maintenance of piers, docks, or marinas, reliable and durable metal parts are essential.

At E.J. Hadaway, we understand the unique challenges of the marine environment. That’s why we offer a range of mild steel and stainless steel rings, bolts, and chains that are specifically forged for underwater use. These components are designed to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater, ensuring the longevity and performance of your marine equipment.

In addition, we fabricate marine anchors that are specially designed to drill into the seabed, providing secure mooring for boats while away from the dock or pier. Our marine items can be customised to your exact specifications and production requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific marine applications.

With our high-quality marine components, you can have confidence in the protection and functionality of your valuable equipment and marine structures. Whether you need replacements or upgrades, our team at E.J. Hadaway is dedicated to delivering top-notch products that meet the rigorous demands of the marine industry.

Trust E.J. Hadaway for all your marine metal component needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, call (03) 9706 6102 or submit an online enquiry.


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