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Made to Order Forged Bolts in Melbourne

Bolts are widely used fasteners. Whether it the building and construction industry, maintenance and handymen, electricians, mechanics or simply residential consumers, bolts an evident part of the physical processes involved.  They are such a common presence in our daily lives that you locate at least more than a couple just in your immediate environment.

While bolt may come in standard sizes, it is not always the case. Often, non-standard bolts may be required. For this purpose, the industry experts involved will order customized bolts; otherwise known as made to order bolts.

EJ Hadaway can manufacture customized bolts for multiple industries. We supply both to small and large businesses based in Australia. Not only do we specialize in delivering the best quality but our shipping service is exceptional. With on-time delivery, we ensure that your industrial processes keep running uninterrupted.

EJ Hadaway also takes pride in manufacturing using environmentally friendly methods.

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